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Children with needs in other countries


In Hope for All we sing at hospitals, hospices and in prisons in the Faroe Islands and Iceland, where they want us to visit them. We have been the same places several times and have become friends with the staff in these different places.

In Israel we support a Childrens Village with 300 children who has no family and were left there without any help. We provide the daily needs as well as support for bigger things for them that they need in various situations.


When children are diagnosed with cancer it is a different process, because it is longer and goes up and down. But some families in Iceland recognize us when we come and they trust us. For that we are grateful!


We help children and families in a children’s village, a cancer-hospital and also survivors of the Holocaust in Israel. This work begun in 2011 and we proudly raise funds for daily necessities and construction og new buildings.




When one is in prison, there is a lot of time to think.

Sometimes it becomes hard to live, and in many prisons the experience is that inmates become violent, some commit suicide and others become ill. Lena has, both on her own and with a team, on several occasions, sung in a prison in Jylland where she also has been allowed to give out her book; “Change your destiny”.

“I have experienced how the inmates have started to have hope in their eyes as I say goodbye to everyone present before I leave. One inmate wanted to audition for X Factor with me!” Lena says with a sparkle in her eye.

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Unfortunately it is hard to show you any pictures, as it is forbidden to photograph both inside and outside.




Since 2010 Hope for All has reached out to those who have no place to live. During the cold months we deliver gifts and food which has been donated by various stores and chains such as Tiger, Pilgrim, Jysk and others.


We also offer free concerts or just a time for sing-along sessions and music. Hugs and conversation are also given to anyone who needs it.


One day we were in Aarhus and we walked to the square where the homeless sat on the public benches. The guitar was unpacked and immediately a barefoot man asked; “Do you know the song about the lark’s nest?” We did and everyone sang along to the old Danish song about the lark’s nest. A warden came to listen, a family joined and we all sang together, equal and without difference between us.


As we were packing up and getting ready to leave, one of the homeless guys came running after us. He told us that he had decided to take his own life that morning “but then you came and cheered me up,” he said, “thank you very much!”

It was very moving and we promised to return another time.



Salvation Army and churches


We cooperate with the Salvation Army and churches, giving clothes and gifts for the homeless and needy. Singing and talking, and the atmosphere is always full of peace and everyone has a good time.


On the street


We took a trip to Malmö in Sweden, to visit Malmö International Church. We helped with their weekly distribution of coffee and sandwiches to the poorest in the area.

137 different nationalities currently live in the city where we were. After 4 years of persevering service, they now see how people around them get better and start to come to church an extra day a week. Several of the homeless have met with their social workers and they are impressed with the work of the church.




There are many hospices in Denmark, and they are a fantastic place for the ill and their families. We visit different hospices around the country to sing and we always have a great time! Some times it is only Lena Løbner who perform, other times she is accompanied by volunteers from Hope for All. They sing along and make sure everyone is comfortable during the event.

The cd’s; “Thank you for the roses” and “Peace rests over hill and town” have been distributed as gifts to all hospices in Denmark. They have been published in cooporation with the Organisation for Volunteers in Hospices and Hospice Denmark.

We have many experiences and here is some of our feedback;

“There was such an intimacy, light and warmth. There was nothing to do but enjoy the atmosphere. It is incredible how this atmosphere fills up the room and the hallway. Thank you for coming, I hope you will be back soon.”

“When will you come back? You leave such a peaceful atmosphere and the last time you were here, you sang the exact songs a family had chosen for a funeral a couple of hours before the concert.”

“Can I have your songs sent to my email so I can learn to play them myself?”

“I hear your cd all the time – so much so that my family has asked if it isn’t time to listen to something else. I have given my neighbors a cd each and they listen to it all the time, too.”

“They still talk of your visit, it was wonderful to meet you!”

“Please call the next time you plan to visit! We would love a concert.”

“I have written a song and a new verse has come to me. It is a christian verse. It felt natural and everything makes sense now.”


The following tale is written by Lena and has been published in a book called “Close to death – Close to life”, which is filled with art and impressions from volunteers in the Organisation for Volunteers in Hospices;

“We had been asked if we would arrange a concert at Hospice Sjælland a Tuesday afternoon. It came to be a very giving day, both for us and for the people attending.

The following week i visited again and a woman came straight up to me. She said that she had felt so good after the concert and that she had written down some words that had come to her. She asked me if i wanted to see what she had written and of coarse i did. After some time she came back to me with a small, ripped piece of paper that said;


Love – Love

Greatest of all is the love of life

Its source is in the inexhaustible wellspring of the heart

With care and warmth


When I read the words, a melody immediately came to me. A group of us sat around the coffee table and I grabbed my guitar and started forming the melody. After we had sung it a few times, everyone started singing along and a pleasant atmosphere filled the room. I looked at the woman and her daughter and they looked happy. It was very important for me to match the melody with the lyrics and that they could hear it clearly.

“I have so much love in my heart,” the woman said, “I have been met with such love at this Hospice and i feel so much better inside.” She excused herself but everyone present agreed that it was perfectly fine to express these feelings.

It has been a joy for me to be able to be an inspiration and encouragement, and I carefully recorded this song and gave a copy of the cd to the woman. I hope and believe that it can brighten the daily life for this family to know that creativity can blossom, even during the final days. Maybe it is in this time one really dares to live life.”


Lena Løbner


The cd; “Thank you for the roses” has been distributed to all hospices in Denmark. It has been published in cooporation with the Organisation for Volunteers at Hospices.


Families battling cancer


There are so many people who have had cancer in their families. These families need support, encouragement and consolation, and we support them so they might have some positive experiences during their illness.


Childrens cd for children battling cancer


“If I was a duck” is a children’s cd, published in December 2011. It contains happy songs about life, friends and love, and also a couple of lullabies. “A song for Filippa” is about a young girl who was diagnosed with cancer. Lena got to know this young girl through tutoring her in Danish and math. Filippa and Lena wrote a song about her daily life and the things she liked.

It was a very tough time for the family who lost their little girl in 2011. Lena felt a strong connection to the family and on the day she received word that the little girl had passed, she wrote the final verse. The family has given their permission for the song to be used and published so that Filippa can live on through the song and that it might console and encourage others. We want to express our deepest gratitude to the family for their permission!

A couple of sponsors, friends of Hope for All and musicians have adopted the project and they have helped make this album a reality. A great number og cd’s has been distributed as gifts to families battling cancer in cooporation with Kræftens Bekæmpelse, a Danish organisation devoted to fight cancer and help families afflicted by it.


Cancer hospital


We support a cancer hospital for children, They work so hard and there are volunteers who have built a hospital next to the primary building, where the children and their family can have positive experiences and mental assistance. This hospital is located in Israel and we are so happy that we are able to help them!