Since 2010 Hope for All has reached out to those who have no place to live. During the cold months we deliver gifts and food which has been donated by various stores and chains such as Tiger, Pilgrim, Jysk and others.

We also offer free concerts or just a time for sing-along sessions and music. Hugs and conversation are also given to anyone who needs it.

One day we were in Aarhus and we walked to the square where the homeless sat on the public benches. The guitar was unpacked and immediately a barefoot man asked; “Do you know the song about the lark’s nest?” We did and everyone sang along to the old Danish song about the lark’s nest. A warden came to listen, a family joined and we all sang together, equal and without difference between us.

As we were packing up and getting ready to leave, one of the homeless guys came running after us. He told us that he had decided to take his life that morning “but then you came and cheered me up,” he said, “thank you very much!”

It was very moving and we had to promise to come back, which we have. Always great to meet good friends on the streets!