There are so many people who have had cancer in their families. These families need support, encouragement and consolation, and we support them so they might have some positive experiences during their illness.


Childrens cd for children battling cancer


“If I was a duck” is a children’s cd, published in December 2011. It contains happy songs about life, friends and love, and also a couple of lullabies. “A song for Filippa” is about a young girl who was diagnosed with cancer. Lena got to know this young girl through tutoring her in Danish and math. Filippa and Lena wrote a song about her daily life and the things she liked.

It was a very tough time for the family who lost their little girl in 2011. Lena felt a strong connection to the family and on the day she received word that the little girl had passed, she wrote the final verse. The family has given their permission for the song to be used and published so that Filippa can live on through the song and that it might console and encourage others. We want to express our deepest gratitude to the family for their permission!

A couple of sponsors, friends of Hope for All and musicians have adopted the project and they have helped make this album a reality. A great number og cd’s has been distributed as gifts to families battling cancer in cooporation with Kræftens Bekæmpelse, a Danish organisation devoted to fight cancer and help families afflicted by it.