In Hope for All we sing and encourage at hospitals, hospices and in prisons in Denmark and also on Faroe Islands, Iceland and Israel where we have been recieved with love and appreciation. Being invited to come back we got to build friendship and heart with so many beautiful families.

When children are diagnosed with cancer it is a different process, because it is longer and goes up and down. We try to understand the pain and agony parents and children are going through, and having the opportunity to get to know these wonderful people is a blessing. For that we are grateful!

With the help from partners and friends of the Hope for All we are greatful to have become help children and families in many children’s homes, cancer-hospital, handicap organisation and survivors of the Holocaust in Israel. This work begun in 2011 and we proudly raise funds for daily necessities and construction og new envirement.

In Israel we among other children homes support a Childrens Village with 300 children who has no family and were left there without any help. With the help from our partners and friends we want to provide the daily needs as well as support for bigger things for them that they need in various situations.

A big Thank You to everyone who supports this work.

May God bless you with whatever you need.