We are:

A non-profit charity organization .

A team of many volunteers, who loves to help wherever it is needed

Two hands: practical help to the vulnerable, and songs, encouragement and inspiration


We help:

Families battling cancer
Cancer hospitals abroad.

Hospices in Denmark and abroad.

A Children’s Home / Orphanage abroad
Holocaust survivors
The homeless in Denmark

We sing, talk and give gifts to the most needy. We offer counseling and prayer, and the most important for us; we build relationships, that is fruit bearing on the long run.

Our values are:

  • Care
  • Encouragement/li>
  • Time
  • Loveu
  • Practical help

Our work partners:

  • The Organisation of Volunteers in Hospices
  • Hospice Forum Denmark
  • The Organisation for Artists in Hospices
  • Kræftens Bekæmpelse (Danish organisation devoted to battling cancer)
  • Tiger
  • Netto
  • Coop
  • Jysk

A variety of grocery stores and boutiques who give discounts and gifts to the homeless


Churches, congregations and organisations in Faroe Islands, Iceland and Sweden.



Lena M. Løbner is founder and daily manager of Hope for All. She was born and raised in Africa and later Denmark and have been a musician since the age of 15. Lena has many years of experience with helping people on all levels and has produced many cd’s with her own songs and she has written 2 books. Lena has two daughters and two grandchildren.




Miriam Sloth has been a volunteer in Hope for All since November 2010. She has through many years been involved in associations working with social issues and young adults / both as a volunteer and as a board member. She has got a degree in social work. Currently she works as a business mentor.






Hanne Dalgaard is greatly experienced working with associations. Some years ago she started an association called “Women in ministry”.

Hanne has previously been part of church leadership. She preaches and teach in various settings. She is married to Paul, who is a businessman. Together the have three children.




Partners eller We cooperate with:
Hope for All cooperate with drop-in centers and shelters, institutions, organizations, churches, hospitals etc.